Standing supports for dynamic briefings

Boosting health and productivity: standing supports for dynamic briefings


There is an increasing need for flexible and dynamic briefings – meetings that do not involve sitting for hours on end listening to presentations, but where animated interaction takes place, be it on the shop floor or in offices, and especially in situations that demand creative collaboration. Unfortunately, most meeting rooms – and especially the seating available in them – are not conducive to dynamic interaction: Tables tend to be in a fixed position and chairs, too, allow only a certain form of collaboration. Even stools and standing supports very rarely fulfil dynamic requirements, enforcing instead a predetermined constellation. They are also often uncomfortable and unstable.


The patented dynamic standing support SD in its different versions allows for and facilitates new forms of dynamic collaboration. It can be adapted flexibly to the user’s body height and automatically promotes good posture. But above all, it grants freedom: Users can turn in any direction and interact dynamically with other people, and they can move about freely in the room without leaving their standing support. However, despite this almost unrestricted mobility, the occupant of the standing support will always have both feet firmly on the ground and be perfectly stable. The support will not tip backwards. Users can easily and gradually alternate between standing and sitting and will always find their standing support exactly as they left it – it will neither rotate nor roll away. Adjusted to a low position, the support can be used like a stool, for example for a quick spell of work on a computer or during breaks. It can easily be moved around thanks to its integrated handle, and takes up little space when not needed.

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