Assembly and manufacturing tasks in ESD Protected Areas

SDpro ESD and SDorg ESD dynamic standing supports for assembly and manufacturing tasks in ESD Protected Areas.


Electrostatic-sensitive devices (ESD) are components whose functionality can be damaged or destroyed by static charges. When operators work sitting on chairs, the risk of a static charge increases due to friction, but also because the reduced pressure of their feet against the floor impairs the dissipation capacity of an ESD system comprising conductive footwear and floor coverings. Prolonged periods of standing, on the other hand, lead to well-known health problems concerning the musculoskeletal system and blood circulation – currently the single most common cause of inability to work.


Vital Dinamic’s SD pro ESD and SD org ESD patented dynamic standing supports offer a unique solution to this dilemma. Not only do they solve the ergonomic problems associated with the motion patterns that typically occur in electronic and electromechanical manufacturing, where small parts have to be assembled – they also protect against an unintended build-up of electrostatic charge. Static electricity dissipates via the highly conductive padded PU seat (SD pro ESD) or the seat cover (SD org ESD) into the equally conductive gas lift cylinder. Even more important is the fact that dissipation into the floor does not depend on contact points between floor and castors or supports with a small radius, but takes place via a footprint measuring more than 1,000 cm 2 . Instead of relying on a conductive coating, the support’s base is conductive throughout – and wear and tear or casual damage will not reduce its dissipative capacity over time. The contact surface is also easily cleaned. And at all times users maintain floor contact with their feet through their dissipative footwear. The SD ESD dynamic standing support is certified according to DIN EN 61340-5-1.

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