Vital Dinamic: Experts in ergonomics

We make products that look after your health and, with their attractive design, look good in the environments where they are used – in offices, workshops, hospitals… and in private homes.

Vital Dinamic’s ergonomic products improve many people’s daily working conditions – in line with the principle underlying our product development: “Movement is life.” We offer two product lines: the RD dynamic footrest for people who spend long hours sitting, and the SD dynamic standing support for all those who carry out activities on their feet over prolonged periods of time. Vital Dinamic has developed special versions for different applications: PRO for industry and ORG for office environments, MED and VET for medical purposes, and CASA for private use.

We offer smart, effective solutions that counterbalance the lack of movement that affects us all. The efficacy of our products is corroborated by ergonomic, medical and technical research studies that recommend their use.

Ergonomics and design. Made in Spain.

In modern working life we find ourselves subjected to strains that our body wasn’t designed to cope with. We should avail ourselves much more often of aids that help us take the strain or can support us if we already have started to feel the consequences.

But in reality we often find that so-called ergonomic aids are more cumbersome than helpful – and, to top it all, they tend to look grey and depressing. Consequently, they are not used as often as they should. At Vital Dinamic we have made it our mission to get these aids out of their corner into the limelight.

Many prestigious clients – manufacturing companies as well logistics providers – trust in Vital Dinamic’s products. Please contact us – we are happy to provide references.