Footrest for desk-based work

Lessening the impact of sedentary work RD pro dynamic footrest for desk-based work.


Millions of people carry out desk-based work without getting up and moving around. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods of time can lead to physical dysfunctions and associated health risks, in particular in relation to blood circulation and venous blood return.


The RD pro dynamic footrest is an effective aid for sedentary work, achieving its beneficial effects through a slow, opposing motion of the two individual foot supports – gentle enough so as to not disturb concentration. Its benefits can be measured after as little as one hour, but use of the dynamic footrest also has a long-term preventive effect. The footrest’s effectiveness has been corroborated in scientific studies, and it complies with the DIN 4556:1983-02 standard, for example in relation to adjustability.

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