Interaction with customers at service counters

Boosting health and productivity: SDorg dynamic standing support for interaction with customers at service counters


There are many industries where employees are routinely in direct contact with customers – for example at service counters in shops, banks and airports. In most cases the customer will be standing, and the employee should be able to deal with them face-to-face. But the employee also needs to be able to turn and reach in different directions, get up from their seat to fetch something, or quickly enter some data into a computer. Their body posture should also convey readiness even when there is no customer requiring assistance.

Unfortunately, prolonged periods of standing lead to well-known health problems affecting the musculoskeletal system and blood circulation – currently the single most common cause of inability to work. The aids currently employed to solve the problem are either of limited use or too static and are often perceived as cumbersome by the employees.


The SDorg patented dynamic standing support strikes a balance between the need to be face-to-face with the customer and the flexibility required by different tasks – and at the same time promotes good posture. The dynamic standing support can be adapted flexibly to the user’s body height and allows its occupant to lean forward in order to reach documents spread over the counter. Users can turn in all directions and move around in the room on their standing support without having to use their hands. But despite this virtually unrestricted mobility, they will always be stable, with both feet firmly on the ground. The standing support will not tip backwards, and users can easily and gradually alternate between standing and sitting and will always find it in the position that they left it in – it will neither rotate nor roll away. Adjusted to a low position, the support can even be used like a stool, for example for a quick spell of work at a normal table or during breaks. It can easily be moved around thanks to its integrated handle and takes up little space when not needed.

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