SD Dynamic standing support pro for assembling and sorting tasks

Increasing efficiency, reducing health risks SD Dynamic standing support pro for assembling and sorting tasks


The process of manufacturing and assembling small components involves many operations that require turning the upper body or reaching upwards and/or sideways, which is why they are usually performed in a standing position. The same applies to sorting tasks – on the shop-floor as well as in the logistics area. Standing for prolonged periods of time, however, leads to widely acknowledged health problems affecting the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems – currently by far the biggest cause of inability to work. The aids currently employed to solve the problem are either of limited use or too static, and are often perceived as cumbersome by the employees.


With the patented SD pro dynamic standing support, Vital Dinamic offers a unique solution to this fundamental ergonomic conundrum. The dynamic standing support can be adjusted as required to the user’s body height and automatically ensures a good posture, allowing them to lean and stretch forward to reach the components concerned. At the same time the user can turn in any direction and move around freely in the room at any time without using their hands. But this extraordinary mobility does not mean instability: the user will always enjoy a secure position, allowing them to work and handle objects with the required precision without any risk of the support tipping backwards. The user can stand up and sit down at will, and will always find the support exactly as they left it – it will not rotate or roll away. And adjusted to a low position, the support can even be used like a stool, for example when a task needs to be quickly carried out at a table or desk or during breaks. An integrated handle enables it to be easily moved around, and it takes up little space when not needed.

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