Support for the operating theatre

Boosting health and productivity: SDmed and SDvet dynamic standing support for the operating theatre


Working in an operating theatre puts members of a surgical team under considerable physical strain. As well as spending many hours on their feet, they often have to adopt difficult, ergonomically uncontrollable body positions. Inevitably, many surgeons and theatre assistants suffer from health problems due to high musculoskeletal strain. Existing seats – which, like all other items of OT furniture, have to satisfy stringent hygiene requirements – are often too inflexible or unsteady and have therefore not found much acceptance.


Vital Dinamic’s patented SD med dynamic standing support solves this fundamental ergonomic dilemma like no other aid: It automatically achieves good body posture and can be flexibly adjusted to the occupant’s height. It allows the surgeon to lean forward and reach the areas to be treated. Users can turn in all directions and lean forward at any time, and can move around in the room on their standing support without having to use their hands. Despite this virtually unrestricted mobility, the surgeon will always be in a stable position that allows for precision work. The standing support will not tip backwards, and users can alternate between standing and sitting and will always find it in the position that they left it in – it will neither rotate nor roll away. The neat design of the dynamic standing support allows several people to benefit from this unique aid despite restricted space. Adjusted to a low position, the support can even be used like a stool, for example for a quick spell of work at a table or during breaks. It can easily be moved around thanks to its integrated handle and takes up little space when not needed. The support is made of material with antibacterial properties and can be easily disinfected.

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