Standing support for special applications (low working height)

Boosting health and productivity with Vital Dinamic’s innovative movement concept SD pro TSC dynamic standing support for special applications (low working height)


Modern companies invest a great deal of effort into the ergonomic configuration of workplaces, following the fundamental principle that the workplace has to adapt to the needs of the person – not the other way round. Unfortunately, there are operations where it is difficult or even impossible to comply with this approach – especially in areas where products or components have to be processed that are too big or too heavy to allow adjustment to a comfortable individual working height. Obvious examples are railway car maintenance, deburring of large castings like marine diesel engine blocks, assembly of large power distribution boards or work inside aircraft. High level tasks can be made easier by building a platform, but at low working heights, things are rather more complicated, and the challenge is even greater when each new product is unique and distinct from others.


In such ergonomically difficult situations, Vital Dinamic‘s patented SD pro TSC dynamic standing support can help alleviate physical strain. With its specially designed, short lift cylinder it facilitates work at low height, nevertheless allowing good posture. The SD pro TSC offers the same advantages as the normal SD pro dynamic standing support: it allows the user to lean and stretch forward to reach the components concerned. At the same time as leaning forward, users can turn in any direction, and they can also move around freely in the room at any time without using their hands. But this extraordinary mobility does not mean instability: the operator will always enjoy a secure position, allowing them to work and handle objects with the required precision, without any risk of the support tipping backwards. An integrated handle enables it to be easily moved around, and it takes up little room when not needed.

Please contact us if you have working conditions that pose particular challenges, such as metal swarf, flying sparks or heavy dust. We will be happy to try and develop a solution in collaboration with you and our partners.

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